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Garden Dibbles

A dibble, also known as a dibber or dibbler, is a pointed stick used for "drilling" the soil to plant seeds, seedlings, and bulbs.

Stand sold separately for $60 and is 10" tall. Dibbles are 11" long.

It may look new to you, but this wooden garden tool has been around for a long time. The Romans used a garden dibble very similar to this one. In Japan it is called a "hori hori" which means "dig-dig." In the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, farmers used long-handled handcrafted dibbles made of metal or wood to plant wheat and other crops. It would take about two days to plant an acre. Using a pair of dibbles, one man would walk backwards making holes about four inches apart while a second man would drop a seed into each hole and fill it with soil.

These utilitarian hand turned garden dibbles are made of Myrtlewood and hand rubbed with oil. Our handcrafted wooden dibble garden tool has a cone-shaped body with 1 inch depth markings, allowing you to accurately plant your seedlings, seeds, bulbs, or small plants.

Using A Garden Dibble

Planting seeds: Using the graduated line markings, push your dibble into the ground to the depth desired, or as it directs on the seed packet, and drag it along, making a furrow on your planting line.

Planting bulbs: Push your dibble into the ground and twist it to the depth desired. As it turns it loosens the soil. This is also a great tool for dividing perennials.

Care of your dibble: After use, wipe off your dibble with a damp rag and dry it. Re-oil if it looks dry.

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