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Myrtlewood (Umbellularia Californica), a member of the laurel family, is found only in a limited area along the southern Oregon and the northern California coast. It is a dense, finely grained broadleaf evergreen, which is peculiar from other evergreens due to its tiny white blossom that appears annually.

The tree grows in a symmmetrial shape and has a glossy dark green leaf that can be used in cooking like the bay leaf. The nut is not palatable, but is used to make jewelry and novelty gifts.

The myrtle tree is a moderately slow growing tree, taking from 100 to 150 years to reach commercial size. Colors vary from light tan to deep golden brown with shades of silvery gray to red and even yellow. The limited range and the fact that myrtle is not particularly productive, will doubtless always relegate the species to the class of rare trees.

We hope you enjoy your beautiful Myrtlewood products. To take care of oil finished kitchen items, wash in warm soapy water and dry with cloth. Do not allow item to stand in water -- no dishwasher or microwave. Occasionally rub mineral oil into the wood to keep it from drying out and to restore its luster.