Fine Wood Products Made In The USA
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$250 and up

Myrtlewood lighthouse with lighted beacon on a burl base. Each comes signed and numbered.
$275 and up

Myrtlewood brick carved lighthouse with lighted beacon on a burl base. Each comes signed and numbered.
$48 and up

Hand turned myrtlewood tower with a unique crystal ball as the light.
$18.50 and up

Hand turned Myrtlewood bowls.
$80 and up

Hand turned Myrtlewood bowls.
$45 and up

Hand turned Myrtlewood bowls.
$35 and up

Hand turned Myrtlewood bowls with decorative pewter lid.
Kitchen Items
$40 and up

Flat myrtlewood top with metal bearings on wood base.
$15 and up

Balance board bottle holders and various bottle stopper.

Laminated cheese slicers by Bob Smith.
$16 and up

This tried and true Cheese Slicer will give you the perfect slice every time!
$30 and up

These cutting boards offer utility as well as beauty.
$6 and up

$20 and up

Perfectly hand turned myrtlewood rolling pins that would make any chef proud to roll out his own dough.
$20 and up

These elegant napkin holders are perfect for any occasion.

Napkin rings shaped like your favorite animal. $4 each.

Use a Myrtlewood banana rack to hang your bananas in style.

Myrtlewood paper towel holders make a nice accent to any kitchen.

This elk is truly a work of art with its many different shades and grains of myrtlewood. Hang to display.

This intarsia buffalo is made of many pieces of different shades and grains of myrtlewood. Can be hung on any wall as a work of art.
Myrtlewood Carvings
$47 and up

Good luck elephants carved by Ernie Besler.
$47 and up

Cat lovers unite! These cute carved kittys are yours for a lifetime!

You are going to love the splendor of this sleek Dolphin, carved by master craftsman Ernie Besler. 8"
$17 and up

The Seagull in flight is a common sight on the Oregon coast and a great reminder of your time here....we have several options for you.

Beautifully carved myrtle Sperm Whale. Measuring 10" long by 5" tall.

Again, Ernie Besler has created a winner! This Swimming Myrtlewood Orca is a beautiful addition to your collection of marine life carvings. 9" long by 5 1/2" tall.

This cute carved myrtlewood Bear measures 4 1/2" tall.

This adorable carved myrtlewood Owl measures 4" tall.
$20 and up

$20 for the 4" tall baby quail, $38 for a 5" tall adult.

Train carved into a 10" Myrtlewood plate
Religious Items
$8 and up

Various Myrtlewood Crosses.

This peaceful myrtlwood Mary measures in at 12" tall.

Stand this small, 8" tall, nativity scene on a counter, mantle, or wherever you like.
Games, Gifts, And Miscellany

Beautiful hand turned myrtlewood cribbage board, with storage for the pegs in the center.

Just a simple myrtlewood cribbage board to take along on a picnic, a hike or your next road trip if you like to play cribbage everywhere you go! 5" by 16"

Our ready for action Battleship Cribbage Board comes complete with ammo pegs!
$37.50 and up

Myrtlewood surrounded kaleidoscope. $37.50 by itself or $45.50 with stand.
$45 and up

All vases are one of a kind. The top is black walnut and the bottom is myrtle wood or maple burl. Cat tail are sold seprerately for $4 each.
$10 and up

A great way to display your free standing candle.
$45 and up

One-of-a-kind mantle and hanging clocks made from beautiful myrtlewood. Come in and see or call or email for selection photos.

Large white face clocks surrounded by myrtlewood.

Beautiful grained myrtlewood would be nice on any dresser. It has a divided tray on top that just lifts up to store more of your jewelry underneath.

Used for drilling the soil to plant seeds, seedlings, and bulbs.
$8 and up

Turned Myrtlewood Ornaments

Regular or Bear Butt shaped Myrtlewood door stop. Sizes range from 6" to 11".

Myrtlewood incense by the cone or stick.